The Crypto Jobs Boom! Jobs in Bitcoin Mining, DeFi, Blockchain Development & More

There has been a 118% jump in career postings for work in the cryptocurrency field in the past year, according to Indeed data. From San Francisco to Denver to Miami, the crypto industry is booming, and cities and companies are competing for the best talent.

Crypto Hires 2021

LinkedIn research shows hubs like San Francisco and New York City still have the largest amount of crypto jobs, especially for finance and developer roles. However, smaller cities are becoming crypto hubs too, such as Rochester and Raleigh.

Jobs in Bitcoin mining are exploding as well. For instance, at Elite Mining Inc (EMI), we currently have 60+ team members and we’re rapidly growing. We’re currently hiring for a variety of roles, from electricians and welders to office positions. We need talents to help us grow our Bitcoin mining operation and lead the industry to a greener future.

As you can see, crypto offers an opportunity for everyone, whether you’re ex-Wall Street, an HVAC specialist, or an expert in all things TikTok.

In this article, we’ll dive more into the crypto jobs boom, what that means for EMI, and how it’s all relevant to you. Because after all, we could use your talents to help take Bitcoin mining to the next level.

Crypto jobs for every sort of talent

Scanning the crypto job market, we’ve learned an important lesson: Every sort of skill is needed. There are a diversity of jobs available — all over the world.

To give you an idea of all the job opportunities available, search During any given time, there are thousands of job openings on the site, including remote positions. From developer jobs with Huobi, to graphic design roles at Chainalysis, to sales positions with Grayscale Investments, opportunity abounds.

The lesson here is this: The crypto industry has a need for every sort of talent.

As an article in Nasdaq explained, cities will be home to crypto exchanges, developer companies, and finance and investment firms, while crypto miners will settle in more rural areas (which will also help revitalize regions).

For example, FTX recently opened a headquarters in Miami, bringing jobs in software development, financial analysis, customer support, and compliance and risk management.

At EMI, we recently moved our headquarters to Cheyenne, Wyoming, bringing a range of jobs in Bitcoin mining. We have job openings for construction laborers, plumbers, drivers, office administrators, sales and marketing specialists, and more. Our move to Wyoming even got recognition from Senator Cynthia Lummis.

Senator Cynthia Lummis Crypto Mining

Jobs in Bitcoin mining will only continue to increase in states like Wyoming and North Carolina. These states have an abundance of land and resources, and regulations are getting clearer and better.

U.S. Hashrate Foundry USA Pool

Rural parts of Texas, Kentucky, Georgia and New York are enjoying a Bitcoin mining boom, combining accounting for over 2/3 of America’s hashrate. Jobs in Bitcoin mining are widely available in such states.

Finally, you can’t understate the potential for crypto to invigorate economies, especially as companies and talents relocate to cities and towns. As Miami May Francis Suarez said, “The medium to long-term prospects are enormous. It’s as transformational as the Industrial Revolution was.”

Average pay of crypto jobs

Pay is great — though research varies and we don’t really have an accurate number yet.

A survey done by shows average Web3 salaries far outpace national averages in the USA.

Web3 Salaries Crypto

The average salary is $92,000 USD per year. That’s quite high compared to average wages.

According to research published by ZipRecruiter, average pay for crypto and blockchain professionals in the USA is $108,371 and $52 hourly. That’s solid.

A separate study found that crypto positions in general pay 9% more than comparable jobs in other sectors, like e-commerce and retail. For instance, a financial analyst at a crypto firm may make 9% more than a financial analyst at a traditional bank.

Obviously, pay depends on your specialty, experience and skill-set — as well as the company and location. If you get an offer from a crypto company, your salary will depend on all those factors.

For example, a Solidity developer with 5+ years of experience in software development will command a salary of easily $120,000+ in the USA, while a junior-level developer may start at around $80,000.

Since there are lots of startups in crypto, salaries can sometimes be lower but come with upside in the form of company equity (which can make millionaires if the company has success). At EMI, we offer competitive salaries when it comes to jobs in Bitcoin mining, along with company equity/shares.

Jobs in Bitcoin mining at EMI

Crypto is an exciting field, with room for every sort of talent to excel. Pay is solid, and the future will only present more opportunities.

At Elite Mining Inc, we’re happy to have jobs in Bitcoin mining available for talents like yourself. Whether you’re a professional electrician or a sales specialist, we’d love to talk with you and see how you can help EMI become the global leader in green crypto mining.

At EMI, we mine crypto, sustainably. Right here in the USA. If you want to be a part of our mission to lead crypto mining to a green, profitable future, click the link below to check out available jobs.

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