Elite Mining Inc Newsletter #2

Hot of press: Interview with Justin Podhola

Our CEO, Justin Podhola was interviewed by Tyler Gallagher, CEO and Founder of Regal Assets, to discuss the 5 Things You Need To Understand In Order To Successfully Invest In Cryptocurrency. These articles were published by both Authority Magazine and Thrive Global. They’re great reads and offer insight into Justin and his philosophies.

New Wyoming headquarters

EMI has officially acquired two adjacent properties in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This sizable acquisition will act as the new headquarters of the executive team and a manufacturing facility. This development will allow our subsidiary, Elite Mobile Units, to increase the production of our mobile immersion units by over 300%.

Elite Mining Inc & Elite Mobile Units are now hiring

Due to the high demand of our EMU’s and hosting services, we are rapidly expanding and looking for new team members to work and grow with us. EMI offers a unique opportunity to become a shareholder in a high-growth company that aims to revolutionize the crypto mining industry. Check out our diverse range of current positions and benefits to working with us.

Featured Employee: Justin Dietz

Manufacturing and Deployment Lead

Justin Dietz has been with Elite Mining Inc and Elite Mobile Units from the start. As a core team member, Justin has taken on challenges and a variety of roles, from manufacturing lead and fabricator to research and development, immersion technology and deployment.

The main goal of Justin is to see us succeed and he’s been working hard to make that happen. His dedication over the past few years, as well as his willingness to apply his experience and expertise in several sectors, has helped take EMI to where it is today.

Justin Dietz EMI

“Communication has been good and progress is made every day. We’re on track to achieve our goals. Congratulations to our whole company and all of its participants for being here.”

A note from our CEO, Justin Podhola

This has been an exciting month for EMI, hitting benchmarks all over the map. The investment in our human capital is starting to really pay dividends in a big way, for production and revenues. Our unit out in Texas is now running, with several deployments over the next few weeks starting to roll out. We can’t wait to tackle the challenges that lay ahead.

Currently, we are moving our headquarters to Wyoming and opening our newest facility. This will exponentially increase our productivity, enabling us to make more Elite Mobile Units and Immersion Pods. This is an important step and will enable us to expand rapidly to meet client demand.

The Future of Mining is Green!

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