Mine Crypto, Sustainably.

Right Here in the USA

Elite Mining Inc. aims to revolutionize the way cryptocurrencies are mined by using clean energy at scale. Based in Cheyenne Wyoming, EMI acquires, installs and maintains immersion mining hardware to mine digital currencies, using proprietary immersion technology and the lowest 2% renewable energy costs in the country.
As a leader in green crypto mining, EMI takes immersion mining to a new frontier. Our mining approach not only prevents contamination with dust and reduces the risk of overheating, but also minimizes the need for infrastructure and optimizes energy efficiency. This ensures we protect the environment while reducing mining costs and maximizing ROI.
Partner with EMI — and you’ll do more than make money. You’ll help reduce bitcoin mining’s carbon footprint and help the crypto revolution go green.
EMI is also the majority shareholder of its subsidiary, Elite Mobile Units (EMU), the industry-leading manufacturer of immersion and mining solutions. EMU currently manufactures exclusively for Elite Mining and its customers and partners.

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Next Gen Immersion Mining Tech

EMI’s next generation immersion mining tech helps increase your efficiency and keep profits high, helping your business thrive.

Despite what you may have heard, crypto mining can be energy efficient. EMI offers the most innovative next gen mining technology on earth, allowing you to keep your miners cool even when you’re overclocking them. Increase your hash rate and generate more profit with EMI’s proven technology.

We’ve innovated on 2nd-generation crypto mining technology to produce potentially more efficient immersion mining solutions. EMI’s liquid-cooled Immersion Mining Pods (IMPs) could increase mining profit potential by maximizing your hashrate, extending machine lifespan and more.

Our IMPs keep miners cool and protect them from dust and other environmental contaminants, resulting in uptime of 99.7% and generating up to 30% more bitcoin per miner than air-cooled machines depending on the type of miner.


Investing in EMI

Elite Mining Inc. closed its Series A investment round in December 2021 for $12million dollars, exceeding expectations and goal of $10m. Since that time, EMI has accepted several significant investments allowing them to continue to grow, even during a bear market. We would like to thank our shareholders for their support and look forward to a fruitful future.

EMI is currently accepting investments while in preparation for its WIN round. The WIN round is a Wyoming only crowd funding round where EMI can raise money from Wyoming residents and businesses. The company is seeking funding for site development, deployment infrastructure and asset purchases for self mining. Estimated launch of the WIN round is late Q4 2022.

– We are in the lowest 2% electricity rates nationally (bottom 8% globally).

– EMI strives to be ~94% green by utilizing hydro, solar, wind and flare gas.

– Investment in EMI gives your real equity in our company as Non-Voting Common B shares.
EMI might potentially digitize its common shares which could transform the equity into tokens on the blockchain representing that equity, pending legal and economical implications.

– Our Non-Voting Common B Shares, represented by the EMI Token, entitle you to dividends.

– With employees and contractors being compensated in shares in addition to a reasonable salary, the EMI team is invested in the company’s success.

– EMI is a vertically integrated company in order to improve efficiency, maintain quality and lower costs.

– We have long-term energy contracts for locations across North America to meet demands and exceed future expectations.

– EMI focuses on low electricity costs. Our goal is to decrease rates by 50% via our green renewable energy strategies.

$12M Series A Round

Partnering with EMI

Elite Mining Inc currently offers our products and hosting services to our exclusive partners through joint ventures and strategic partnerships.
EMI customers are interested in long-term collaboration, scalability and partnering for reciprocal growth and mutual benefit.