Elite Mining Inc aims to revolutionize the way cryptocurrencies are mined by using clean energy at scale. We acquire, install and maintain immersion mining hardware to mine digital currencies, using proprietary immersion technology and the lowest 2% renewable energy costs in the country.

At Elite Mining, we thrive on innovation and execution. We are a team of crypto and blockchain experts, engineers, investors, business talents and skilled trades people working together to research, develop, construct, deliver, and install our industry-leading immersion mining hardware to mine digital currencies. US-owned and operated, we strive to help America to gain a greater share of the global hashrate while taking crypto mining towards a greener future.


Elite Mining Inc started in 2017, when CEO Justin Podhola set out to innovate on crypto mining technology and make green mining scalable, efficient and profitable. Justin works to create next-gen immersion mining technology to enable EMI and its hosting customers to maximize efficiencies, hashrate and profit. The EMI team consists of crypto and blockchain experts, engineers, investors, and business professionals dedicated to seeing the company’s mission to fruition.

EMI is rapidly expanding its hosting capabilities. EMI will add cloud mining to its list of offerings in the near future, broadening the company’s ability to cater to climate-conscious cryptocurrency miners at all levels. With current locations in Wyoming and Washington, EMI is working in conjunction with its subsidiary, Elite Mobile Units, to deploy its mobile hosting solutions across the US. US-owned and operated, Elite Mining aims to help the United States achieve a greater share of the global hashrate while taking crypto mining towards a greener future. With continuous innovation, utilization of renewable power sources, and breakthrough immersion mining technology, EMI is already helping the crypto revolution go green and become more efficient.



Chief Executive Officer


Justin Podhola, a long time successful entrepreneur, has been involved in cryptocurrency mining for 6+ years. Justin’s knowledge in Private Equity, Funds, and start ups, is a professional master constructor, fabricator, equity markets trader, real estate investor, and business general contractor in Washington State. Justin started mining in 2016, and soon thereafter established Elite Mining, Inc., through which he brought his expertise in construction and fabrication to bear for the crypto industry by innovating on immersion mining technology and inventing the first turnkey mobile mining solution that can be deployed anywhere power is available. Justin’s intricate knowledge of how to deploy customized infrastructure is key to success for both EMI and its subsidiary, Elite Mobile Units.

Executive Vice President


J.D. Wambold has 8+ years in Crypto & Blockchain projects and 20+ years of executive experience. In 2016, J.D. helped launch the first licensed Bitcoin ATMs in the United States. He has a passion for applying renewable energy to help power the blockchain and brings expertise in business development, marketing and cryptocurrency-related sales to EMI.



Dan Podhola has 20+ years in software development and architecture. His specializations are database, cloud computing, and high-performance servers. Dan has a passion for automation, remote management and building scalable solutions.

Director of Marketing & Business Development


April Madden has over 20 years of executive leadership experience with expertise in marketing and business development. As an entrepreneur and executive, she has built and run successful technology companies and specializes in go-to-market strategies in high-growth markets.

Director of Human Resources


Beth Winstead has many years of experience as a human resource professional and leader with expertise in government and labor relations. Beth is passionate about helping to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that create real change and supporting business leaders to achieve their goals while minimizing risk.


Elite Mining strives to create a company culture based on meritocracy that empowers each individual……

We believe that what makes us different makes us stronger. Building a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization is good for our teams, our customers, and our community. We empower each other to bring unique perspectives and experiences to work, and we continually seek new ways to do so.


Director of the Board

Justin English

Director of the Board

Manuel Silva III

Director of the Board

Elton Monterozza

Director of the Board

Jeremy Buttell

Director of the Board

Erwan Létard

Director of the Board

Justin English

Justin English is a solutions-focused Senior Executive and Board Member with more than 15 years of success across the private equity, early-stage venture capital, consumer products, supply chain, manufacturing, distribution, and consumer services industries. Justin English now serves as the new CEO of SALT Lending Inc, which is the first trailblazing cryptocurrency lender in the sector.

Director of the Board

Manuel Silva III

Manuel Silva III is the Chief Executive Officer of Amnis Ventures Inc. Prior to founding Amnis Ventures Inc., Mr. Silva served as President of Flowchem LLC, a leading global supplier of Drag Reducing Additives for the pipeline and energy sector. Prior to Flowchem, Mr. Silva held a variety of management roles within companies such as MiSwaco, Design Concepts International, Vinmar International, and Conoco Inc.

Director of the Board

Elton Monterozza

A blockchain enthusiast and longtime investor. He has partaken in many aspects of the blockchain world such as mining, trading, ICOs and was a Bitcoin meetup co-organizer for his city.

Director of the Board

Jeremy Buttell

A technical director in the film industry for nearly 20 years, entered the crypto industry in 2013, which has become his genuine passion. Jeremy has experience in mining, having started with GPU mining, moved on to ASICs, and has been an avid crypto miner ever since.

Director of the Board

Erwan Létard

A hydraulic engineer who worked in oil & gas and nuclear companies, doing hydraulic and thermal studies on some of the biggest projects in both fields. Wants to apply his expertise in fluid dynamics for optimizing airflows, air-cooling, oil-cooling, energy production (via wind or hydro), and energy storage.

With operations in Chehalis, Washington, and Cheyenne, Wyoming, and additional sites under discovery, we are growing fast and offer a unique opportunity to join a crypto mining and blockchain company startup during the high-growth stage. Join the green crypto mining revolution & grow with us!


Shop Manager



Operations Manager



Construction Lead



Electrical Project Manager




Led by Justin Podhola, CEO


Led by Emil Sarnogoev, CKO


Led by Justin Podhola, Chairman


Led by James Wambold, CMO