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Invest in the green crypto mining revolution!

We’re revolutionizing how cryptocurrencies are mined by using clean energy at scale. Partner with us — and get in early on green crypto mining with a USA-based operation.

Get more from your investment portfolio

Investing with Elite Mining Inc diversifies your portfolio by giving you exposure to the potentially lucrative crypto mining sector while trying to minimize risk associated with volatile cryptocurrency prices.

EMI Shares deliver liquidity through potential future listings on digital asset exchanges and bi-annual dividends (all in crypto). This potentially reduces risk and ensures an ever-increasing return on your investment.

Dividends may be dispersed to your crypto wallet periodically, based on company performance and board approval.

Mining Cryptocurrency


With an investment in EMI, you benefit from years of research, development and innovation and more

Your Advantage:

Exclusive partnerships

Exclusive partnerships with the top energy brokers, suppliers and industry experts put us in the driver's seat for hyper-growth and scaling once thought impossible in this uber-competitive space.

Cutting edge technology

Our Immersion Mining Pods (IMPs) use cutting-edge, sustainable technology to increase miner efficiency and generate the most crypto per miner of any immersion mining solution on the market.

Fast growing subsidiary

We’re meeting the demand for a green, scalable alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar crypto mining. Through our subsidiary Elite Mobile Units (EMU), we deliver turnkey mining operations that maximize ROI while optimizing energy efficiency.

Diversification and expansion

We have several streams of revenue and continually look for new opportunities. We mine cryptocurrencies, offer hosting for other miners and are currently expanding into cloud mining. Additionally, we make, use and sell our own mobile units and immersion tech through our subsidiary.

Production-ready infrastructure

Built 100% in-house for highest quality standards

Energy Costs

Soon to be as low as $0.005 KwH

Proprietary Immersion Mining

Increase miner lifespan by 50% and overclocking by ~30%

Very Low

Staff is mostly compensated in shares

* Depending on company performance and board approval, EMI investors may receive dividends periodically. Every quarter, we will evaluate the company's growth metrics, free cash flow and projections to determine if dividends can be delivered to our shareholders.