There’s no better time to invest than NOW!

Unlike any other mining company, Elite Mining Inc. utilizes state-of-the-art immersion mining technology, developed and produced by their subsidiary, Elite Mobile Units, exclusively for their own self mining and for hosting customers; thereby maximizing efficiencies, hashrates, and profit.

Elite Mining, Inc. has an aggressive, yet achievable, goal of becoming a $1B company by 2026 through our crypto mining solutions, hosting services to exclusive partners, energy and land procurement, and expansion into cloud mining and token offerings.

Elite Mining Inc is currently seeking investments that will allow the company to achieve its goals of groundbreaking innovation, rapid growth and skyrocketing profits by maximizing the opportunities brought forth by the current market conditions. By procuring mining assets at all time lows, securing some of the lowest cost energy in the US and turning on more miners while others are turning off, EMI is setting itself, and its shareholders, up for success.

Get more from your investment portfolio

Investing with Elite Mining Inc diversifies your portfolio by giving you exposure to the potentially lucrative crypto mining sector.

When investing in a Bitcoin mining company, you do not directly own any Bitcoin. You could either own machines that mine the Bitcoin or shares in the company that mines the Bitcoin; therefore, the value of your investment is not directly tied to the price of Bitcoin, although it will be indirectly tied (since the Bitcoin mined is the direct profit of the operation).

If you own shares in a company, you also own part of the company. This means there are underlying assets that could have value in the company apart from Bitcoin. This can include:

Machines, real estate, hardware and other assets

Proprietary technology, such as immersion mining

Other aspects of the business, such as a subsidiary

By having these assets on a company’s balance sheet, it potentially mitigates some of the risk of buying Bitcoin directly since there are no possibly mitigating assets, should the price of Bitcoin decrease.

Why invest with EMI?

Elite Mining, Inc. is planning for high growth in a down market where others are struggling. We are committed to diversifying our current product lines, innovating new technology solutions, creating recurring revenue streams, and maximizing our financial position by leveraging market conditions. With continued deployments in self mining, joint ventures and hosting, we hope to deploy 50MW by the end of 2023, but can exceed those expectations with capital infusions.

By choosing friendly jurisdictions and using clean energy, Elite Mining has taken steps to address environmental concerns and regulatory risks. This will help protect ourselves against having to pack up our hardware and move — a reality many other mining companies face.

In every facet, from technology and operations, to human resources and company culture, Elite Mining, Inc. has positioned itself for sustainable success in the crypto mining industry.

Mining Cryptocurrency

Production-ready infrastructure

Built 100% in-house for highest quality standards

Energy Costs

Average 5¢ KwH

Proprietary Immersion Mining

Increase miner lifespan by 50% and overclocking by ~30%

Very Low

Staff is mostly compensated in shares

EMI's Advantage

Exclusive partnerships

Exclusive partnerships with the top energy brokers, suppliers and industry experts put us in the driver's seat for hyper-growth and scaling once thought impossible in this uber-competitive space.

Cutting edge technology

Our Immersion Mining Pods (IMPs) use cutting-edge, sustainable technology to increase miner efficiency and generate the most crypto per miner of any immersion mining solution on the market.

Fast growing subsidiary

Elite Mobile Units currently develops and produces immersion products exclusively for EMI and its hosting customers but plans to expand its product portfolio and customer base resulting in an increase in revenue and profits.

Diversification and expansion

We have several streams of revenue and continually look for new opportunities. We mine cryptocurrencies, offer hosting for other miners and are currently expanding into cloud mining. Additionally, we make, use and sell our own mobile units and immersion tech through our subsidiary.