What is Crypto Mining?

EMI Mining Solar

Cryptocurrency mining is the process of finding new ‘blocks’ in the blockchain by using crypto mining hardware. When a new block is found, transactions made on the blockchain get recorded in that block. That is how a ledger of all previous transactions is created, and why blockchain is also called an immutable ledger. Cryptocurrencies are … Read more

What is an STO?


What are securities In the cryptocurrency industry, most people have heard about utility tokens and security tokens. Utility tokens provide users with a ‘utility’, normally in the form of a product and/or service. Think of them like gateway tokens. A crypto token that passes the Howey Test could be classified as a security token. The … Read more

Comparison of the electricity prices within the US

USA Chart

In the previous article,  we covered the data on global electricity prices. This article will mainly focus on the electricity price differences within the USA. Dated December 2018, released February 2019: https://www.eia.gov/electricity/monthly/archive/february2019.pdf, table 5.6.A Elite Mining Inc is based in Washington state — it is, therefore, important to take a closer look within the USA. … Read more