Series A round commenced!


Yes, this is happening!

Elite Mining Inc is proud to announce that our Series A fundraising round in the form of security token offering has officially started. EMI is a security token, representing equity in the company and accruing dividends.

We are starting the round in the form of pledges. We accept pledges of 7,500 USD minimum to participate in the round and cement your share in this exciting green cryptocurrency mining venture.

We have been working for a long time to have the proof of concept for our model:

  • Raise the $1M seed raise;
  • Buy the first batches of machines;
  • Start mining;
  • Pay out dividends to shareholders;
  • Buy more machines;
  • Build out the team, procurement process, obtain legal¬†help, and project strong revenue models into the future.

We will be using Series A funds to:

  • Build out our main facilities;
  • Deploy raised capital to mining;
  • Purchase and deploy solar power to further reduce our costs and realize the vision of green mining.

Check our detailed roadmap. Our team can’t wait to get it done. Hopefully, you want to participate in this journey with us!


The Future of Mining is Green!

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