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We are proud to announce that StartUs Insights named us one of the top 5 blockchain startups reducing energy requirements. Thank you to StartUs Insights for the recognition!

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Elite Mining Shines at the Mining Disrupt Conference

Our CEO Justin Podhola took center stage as a keynote speaker at the Mining Disrupt Conference in Miami, Florida, introducing our cutting-edge Immersion Mining Pods and Elite Mobile Units. Justin shared his vision to “go green” by using new technology solutions that reduce costs, increase revenue and emit less carbon than current generation immersion mining tech.

EMI was a VIP exhibitor along with our partners at Minerset, who offer an all-in-one solution for purchasing and shipping mining hardware. Hundreds of visitors came to our booth to experience our Oculus virtual reality system and get a sneak peek inside our Elite Mobile Units and Immersion Mining Pods. After the show, we raffled off our Oculus VR system. Congratulations to the winner of the Oculus system.

We would like to thank everyone who helped to make Mining Disrupt a huge success. Since attending the conference, EMI has seen unprecedented interest and orders, which will help catapult the company to the next level.

Elite Mining Partners with AXP Energy

We are excited to announce our partnership with AXP Energy Limited! EMI’s partnership with AXP marks a crucial step towards our goal of revolutionizing the crypto industry through innovation and green initiatives.

Through the agreement, AXP will provide energy to EMI’s immersion mining farms, beginning with stranded gas from its Pathfinder Field in Colorado. With an increased power capacity at a reduced cost, EMI can improve mining efficiency and achieve the highest hashrates, which should lead to higher revenues and profit margins. EMI shareholders and customers will enjoy the benefits of this agreement for years to come, as their mining investments now have the potential to yield much higher returns.

“Our partnership with AXP allows us to keep up with the incredible demand for our .0397 cent immersion hosting. With this demand also comes a fiduciary responsibility to our shareholders and clients, who are both aligned with our goal to deploy over 200 MW of immersion hosting within the United States next year. In order to achieve this level of growth, we are doubling our manufacturing capabilities with a new facility in Wyoming this fall,” said J.D. Wambold, Executive Vice President of EMI.

Elite Mobile Unit

The Release of Our White Paper: The Green Future of Crypto Mining

In July, we published a white paper, The Green Future of Crypto Mining: Pairing Efficiency with Sustainability to Maximize Profits. The White Paper focuses on the environmental impact of mining and how we can use green energy to mine cryptocurrency while deploying immersion mining technology.

“The reality is undeniable: proof of work blockchains are here to stay. Transactions must be processed. Therefore, the methods by which mining is carried out must be carefully evaluated for the sake of the mining industry and the planet as a whole. The world is shifting towards green energy. Some companies are making the switch because of the environmental benefits, while others believe it is the right thing to do. Some organizations are doing it because the market demands it.”

Featured Employee: Jesse Dietz

Bitmain Certified Lead Technician

Jesse Dietz is Bitmain certified and the Lead technician of Elite Mining Inc and Elite Mobile Units, he oversees the deployment of miners and prepares the machines to go into immersion tanks. Jesse Dietz is a Bitmain certified technician which means he can work on damaged miners and repair them onsite, for EMI itself but also for our hosting clients!

Jesse has a huge passion for crypto and likes to live on the forefront of innovation so he can keep challenging himself and improve. Elite Mining Inc is the perfect company for him where his love for crypto, mining and innovation combines perfectly with his skill set!

EMI Employee

“life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change”.

A Note From Our CEO, Justin Podhola

“I want to personally thank you for your support and interest in EMI. When I started EMI several years ago, it was significantly different than it is today. However, the vision of innovation, vertical integration and green crypto mining is still 100% present in our culture and mindset of what makes us who we are.

Now after several years of growth, we have over 50 team members and are expanding from one facility to a second facility in Wyoming, which will be our new headquarters. The current growth is very exciting, especially for us and our shareholders. Our recent partnership with AXP will enable our green mobile immersion mining to be at the forefront of the industry. We will push the envelope to be the leader in this sector.

The future is green and very exciting. Follow us to stay up to date on our partnership with AXP Energy and all other new developments.”

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