Hosting sites across the USA, competitive electricity rates, overclocking and immersion mining with a win-win hosting fee structure.
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EMUs are Elite Mobile Units, custom made, moveable immersion mining converted trailers that can mine crypto in remote locations
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Immersion Mining Pods uses proprietary immersion mining technology to overclock the machines, get more hashrate and more potential benefits.
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Here at Elite Mining Inc we offer hosting for our clients and partners. Our hosting sites are across the US and offer competitive electricity rates. Additionally our hosting fee is based on the overclocked amount of hashrate. This means if you host with us it is a win-win! You will gain more hashrate compared to regular mining and we gain a percentage of that extra amount, making us extra motivated to get as much hashrate out of a machine as possible!

– The lowest 5% energy in the country
– Average cost of … cents
– Majority green energy
– Remote energy available

– Proprietary immersion mining technology
– Overclocking of machines
– Longer machine lifespan
– Better machine quality

– Overclock miners by up to 30%
– Overclock older and newer miners
– Full-service overclocking support

– Wyoming headquarters
– Hosting across the US
– US made and tailored
– Remote locations and buildings

– Founded and mining since 2018
– 5+ years mining and blockchain experience
– Decades of combined experience
– Proprietary methods

Elite Mobile Units

EMUs stand for Elite Mobile Units and are EMIs mobile mining units. EMUs are converted trailers outfitted with immersion mining pods creating moveable 1 mw units that can be deployed almost anywhere like in remote locations, where there might be potential cheaper electricity or flare gas that could be utilized.

Case study

EMUs are currently deployed and operational on flare gas sites of our partner, AXP energy. This partnership has allowed us to go to remote locations in the US where oil is extracted, normally that would result in the flaring of the gas, however with EMUs that gas is used to mine crypto instead of flared. This results in a net positive environmental effect, low electricity prices and an extra stream of revenue for our partners.



Immersion Mining Pods

IMPs or immersion mining pods are the main technology that allows for immersion mining. The pods are researched and designed by Elite Mining Inc. The pods allow for mining machines to be submerged in the pods in a special conduicive oil, keeping the machines in a good condition and at a close to perfect temperature. Doing so allows for the machines to be overclocked which results in higher hashrates while the immersion cooling solution is able to keep it all at a cool temperature.

In order to submerge mining machines into immersion mining pods the machines have to be prepared to go into immersion. This is a service we also offer. Once in the tanks the machines can be tracked and protected from environmental pollution like dust, potentially maximizing uptime compares to air