Liquid Cooled Immersion

Why Use Liquid Cooled Immersion?

Clock Speed, Hashrate & Profit

Clock Speed is the rate of speed that a processor performs calculations or completes processing cycles. These calculations are measured by what is known as Hashrate.

Hashrate is the measure of calculations or “hashes” per second a miner performs to find the next block in the blockchain. Blocks are completed by solving difficult math equations, verifying transactions and performing encryptions that secure the network.

Overclocking is when you increase the clock speed to achieve higher than normal or official rated speeds, allowing you to mine more efficiently.

Clock speed and hashrate directly increase the rate at which your miner can earn cryptocurrency. Miners with increased hashrates highly efficient and are rewarded “cryptocurrency” for finding blocks.

Increased Clock Speeds = Increased Hashrate
Increased Hashrate + Overclocking = More Transactions Verified
More Transactions Verified = More Potential PROFIT!

Overclocking & Thermal Limitations

Overclocking requires more electricity, which in-turn generates more heat. By continuing to increase the clock speed, the miner will eventually get too hot for it’s bolt-on fans and reach its Thermal Limitations.

When an ASIC miner is built, the manufacturer puts a Thermal Limiter on its clock speed in order to protect the card from overheating. If the miner reaches temperatures that its sensors deem unsafe, it will decrease clock speed by “thermal throttling,” which impacts your mining efficiency resulting in less potential profit.

Overcoming Thermal Limitations With
Liquid Cooled Immersion

Liquid cooling solves the thermal limitations caused by overclocking. Liquid Cooled Immersion is when you submerge a miner in a thermally (not electrically) conductive liquid or oil. Liquid has a higher thermal conductivity than air. This means that liquid is better at moving heat than air, enabling a liquid submerged miner to use more electricity to increase the speed and profitability without reaching damaging temperatures.

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