invest with EMI


Go to the Equa portal using the link This will bring you to the official KYC/AML portal.

Create an account on the Equa portal.

Complete the KYC/AML process as outlined in the Equa portal. This process only takes a few minutes. If you have a question about the STO process, please reach out to

Tip from the EMI Team! Use a driver’s license or government-issued ID for fastest KYC/AML approval. *Passports have a gloss that makes it harder for KYC processing, you can still use this but it might take hours instead of minutes for approval.


Only accredited investors from the USA can participate in the STO. If you are from the USA, you must get verified as an accredited investor in the portal.

Accredited investors are those with a net worth of $1 million+ USD and/or income of $200K+ USD per year ($300K+ if filing jointly). Read this article for more information:

Tip from the EMI Team! The fastest way to get approval as an accredited investor is to get a letter from your attorney or CPA simply saying “Jack Bauer” is an accredited investor. The second fastest way is to show your W-2 or last 2 years of tax returns showing over $200k in earnings.

Wait until Equa has completed the KYC/AML process, verified you are an accredited investor (if applicable) and you have received a confirmation. In most cases, this will happen almost immediately.

You will receive the legal documents and disclosures (PPM & SAFE) from Equa. These will all be sent at the same time and only directly through Equa after successful completion of KYC/AML.

After reviewing, you have to sign documents that will be sent to EMI to countersign.

Within those forms you will receive instructions for method of payment. Follow those instructions carefully ​(if you have a question, feel free to reach out to or send us a message in chat.

If sending a wire transfer, you’ll find Elite Mining Inc’s business address in the Equa portal. After transferring, send a message with your bank account and routing number the wire will be coming from to Include a screenshot/picture of the wire with the time you sent the wire. This will lock in the time you contributed to the STO.

If paying with crypto, you’ll find Elite Mining Inc’s wallet addresses in the Equa portal. Make sure you’re transferring your cryptocurrency to the right address!

After the payment is made, wait for confirmation that the funds have been received. After that confirmation, the documents will be countersigned by EMI and updated accordingly.

Congratulations, you’re now an EMI shareholder!


Elite Mining Inc will never, in any circumstance, privately ask you for funds in any way or form.

The only way to participate in the STO is by following the KYC/AML steps through Equa.

Check the URL when on Elite Mining Inc and Equa.

Always log in to the Equa portal to check if everything coincides with any email you have received.

The minimum investment is $10,000 USD and this can not be lowered in any way.

Double check the payment information given to you by Equa and follow the instructions carefully.

Elite Mining Inc will NOT contact you over Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram or any other form of communication to ask for private information or funds.

If you have any questions, feel free to join the telegram group: Or, send us an email at You can also contact Equa at:

Always check the sender details when you receive an email, including the server it was sent from.