Immersion Mining Pods for Sale

We are happy to announce that we are selling some Immersion Mining Pods (IMPs). These IMPs are designed and manufactured by EMU a subsidiary of EMI and are used for immersion mining. The IMPs are optimized for mining cryptocurrency and can hold a variety of ASIC miners. For more information about the price of these IMPs or some more specific stats on overclocking or specific miners, please use the contact below!

What is an IMP

An IMP is a pod in which a special cooling liquid is used in which the hardware can be submerged. Mining hardware is prepped to be submerged and then put inside of an IMP, which is kept at a perfect temperature for mining. This ability to keep the IMP at a perfect temperature together with miner firmware allows miners to be overclocked, resulting in more hash power per mining machine. At the same time, the machines are insulated from dust and other external factors and at a great temperature resulting in keeping the machines in a better condition and a longer lifespan.

Benefits of Liquid Cooled Immersion

Overclocking machines

Overclock your mining hardware with around 30% depending on type of miner.

Increased hardware lifespan

Up to 50% longer crypto mining machine lifespan.

Better preserved hardware

Less wear and tear of machines due to submerging them.