55 Megawatts of energy capacity

Forgive me that I’m using the same image for this post as before but this is only because Elite Mining Inc has similar, equally good news to share!

After additional negotiations with the PUD (Public Utility District), we are happy to announce that our maximum accessible electricity cap has been raised to 55 Megawatts! At this point, we have 2 guaranteed contracts with exclusive rights to substations and a potential future 3rd (!) contract for a new substation.

This means that now we have the capacity to expand in a big way. When mining cryptocurrencies, just buying more machines isn’t enough; you also need to make sure you have long-term competitive energy rates locked in. This is what we just secured and thus significantly raised our ceiling.

But what do 55 Megawatts mean? With current data and machines available, that amount of energy can sustain upwards of 100 BTC a day in mining power at current difficulty levels. This is especially great news since we are having our STO on the 30th of April to start scaling the machine that is Elite Mining Inc!

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