Seed round part B

This is the opportunity to get a safe exposure to the global paradigm shift

We just raised our seed round part B

Upon successful close of the round, we are continuing to expand. Please review our white paper.
Objective: Raise $1M to establish our facilities in multiple locations throughout Washington State.
1000K USD

Round successfully closed! Learn more

Basic information

Elite Mining Inc is a nimble and efficient operation ready to take its next step.
Current state
  • Profitable since Dec 2017
  • Total assets: $468,000
  • Revenue: ~$15,000
  • GPU hash rate: 9 GH/s
  • Bitcoin ASIC hash rate: 180 TH/s 
Allocation of funds
  • Mining capabilities ($50,000 more into GPU mining, $850,000 more into Bitcoin mining): 90%
  • New facilities / building: 6%
  • New software, hardware, accessories: 2%
  • Management costs / transportation: 0.5%
  • Temporary staffing: 0.5%
  • Security: 0.5%
  • Temporary living quarters: 0.5%
Cryptoassets at work
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic
  • Zencash supernodes
  • Masternode staking for strategically selected cryptoassets
  • Tactical mining of various GPU coins

Why invest?

Elite Mining Inc has a few very strong advantages on the world arena of cryptocurrency mining.

Green energy
Washington state uses hydroelectric energy so our operation is very environmentally friendly.


Lowest KWH rate in the world
Washington enjoys one of the lowest electricity rates in the world giving us unfair advantage.


Complete performance dashboard for investors; no salaries; all dividends payable through share ownership.


World class team
We are a team of mining, trading and technical experts bringing together experience and operation excellence.

Return on investment

Elite Mining Inc is turning your contribution into a safe source of predictable passive income.
Equity offerings
  1. $10,000 for 0.25% equity, with 4 months’ worth of dividend bonus*;
  2. $25,000 for 0.625% equity, with 0.125% bonus equity (totaling 0.75%) and 4 months’ worth of dividend bonus*;
  3. $50,000 for 1.25% equity, with 0.25% bonus equity (totaling 1.5%) and 6 months’ worth of dividend bonus*;
  4. $100,000 for 2.5% equity, with 0.5% bonus equity (totaling 3%) and 9 months’ worth of dividend bonus*;
  5. Contributions of $200,000 and above guarantee a Board Member seat**.

* The bonus is 50% of majority shareholder’s dividends.

** For more information regarding board member seats, contact

Contributions may be made with USD, Bitcoin, Ethereum.

Equity buyout
  • Shareholders have the right to sell at a rate of 2x original investment, 1 year after mining operations have begun;
  • Right to sell at 1x 9 months after mining operations have begun;
  • Right to sell freely 18 months after mining operations have begun.
Distributions and payout

Payouts begin at the end of September 2018, a choice of monthly or quarterly.

Dividend distributions
  • Expenses and growth
  • Shareholders
  • Partners / C Suite

Into the future

Expected lead time
  • Facilities in Warden, WA and Olympia, WA to be completed in early September 2018;
  • Ready to mine at 1/2+ Megawatt capacity;
  • Calculated yearly profit from GPU miners: more than $135,000;
  • Calculated yearly profit from Bitcoin S91 ASICs: more than $2,000,000. (see white paper)
Upcoming final round

Second and final round of fundraising for Elite Mining Inc will be held in Q4 2018 and will seek $10,000,000 to complete the roll-out phase.

Calculated yearly profit after the final round at full capacity is estimated to be more than $19,000,000. (see white paper)

We look forward to creating wealth with you on the blockchain!

— Justin Podhola, Founder/ CEO

For complete investor prospectus please read our white paper.