About Us

Who we are and what we do
Who we are

Elite Mining Inc is a dynamic operation with several facilities throughout the Washington state. It takes a business acumen and operational excellence to compete in the world arena of cryptocurrency mining.

We are an unlikely alliance of people with technical, trading, business, and deal-making talents. You don’t just meet a team like ours. Unless it’s the lucrative and advanced business of Bitcoin and Ethereum mining.

Let’s face it, unfair advantage is the name of the game. When you have that both in the team capability AND the market position, you get Elite Mining.

What we do
  • Preserve excellent operational condition of facilities
  • Establish relationships with partners and business’s for operational advantages that give us lower overhead and a streamlined opening of our locations
  • Constantly renew the miner equipment to maintain the most profitability
  • Target-mine specifically identified crypto-assets depending on fundamental analysis and current profitability — to be liquidated at the right market cycle phase
  • Gather real-time mining data in one transparent investor dashboard
No salaries
Everybody is compensated with equity only. What better way to control expenses AND make sure everyone’s performance is at the highest.

Meet the team


Justin Podhola

Justin is a longtime entrepreneur, having started and run multiple companies from the ground up.  He started mining in early 2017 and opened EMI as a sole proprietorship later that year. In addition to this he was also a freelance trader in the US Stock Exchange for four years, where he grew extensive knowledge of the markets, bringing this experience with him to the crypto stage.

Additionally, Justin has extensive experience in construction and land development working in capacity as a General Contractor in Washington State. The large bulk of his experience is in real estate, completing large-scale, light-commercial remodels, as well as constructing custom homes from scratch.


Dan Podhola

Dan has been working with computers on his own since he was 8 years old. Nearly 3 decades later, the passion for computing hasn’t died. A Washington native, Dan attended the University of Washington, earning a B.S. in the competitive Informatics major. He has been writing software professionally for 2 decades, including extensive experience in database, cloud computing, and high-performance servers.

Dan has a passion for automation, remote management, and doing things the right way up front to make it easier later. Dan founded a successful hardware review website early in his career where he became an expert in computer building and configuration.


Sean Westberg

Sean is the owner of Prestige Electric Inc. He has been an electrician since 1989 and is a certified Master Electrician in Washington State. Sean has specialized in commercial electrical installations, along with many other areas of the electrical field. Prestige Electric Inc. has been operating and serving clients with pride and integrity since 2006 in the Olympia area.


Burke Mee

Burke is the owner / operator of Element Electric Inc., based in the Olympia, WA region. He has worked as a commercial electrician for nearly 7 years and he has a combined 18 years of experience between both commercial and residential capacities. Element Electric Inc. has been operating in the Olympia area for nearly 3 years. He strives daily to be the best at what he does, with an eye for detail, and a passion for doing quality work.

Elite Mining also periodically works with various contractors to keep the core team focused on mission-critical things.

The foundation has been set, we are ready and poised for the opportunity.

— Justin Podhola, Founder / CEO