If you visited our facilities now, you wouldn’t believe it’s a crypto bear market out there. Machines humming and the team hustling create quite a sight at a place that was quiet and abandoned a couple months ago.

As you remember, we raised a million dollars as our seed round, now we are busy putting that all to action. We just reached the $30,000 figure for a month-long period. This is a moving target because we are still expanding on the raised funds.

204 miners are currently working, 220 will be in full force by end of October. Current hashrate is 2.6 MSol. Focusing on ZEN / ZEC. The goal is to have 220 Z9 Mini’s and 100 A9 Zmasters up and running by November 7th. We anticipate this should bring us right close to between $85,000 – $90,000 a month in revenue.

We are in the midst of developing our contract with Mason County PUD #1, which is a mega-deal for 2 separate locations neighboring their 2 substations in Mason County. We are currently in the stage of conducting our scheduled rate for both facilities. One location is for leased land, and the other location is for property purchase and building a handful of smaller facilities on.

Concurrently, we are also slowly negotiating the price for the property that is immediately the west of the substation located in Duckabush. The property is 40 acres, and also has hills facing southward for great solar exposure as we continue our mission for green energy, and hedging against rising electricity costs to make our operation here has long-term staying power.

Mobile units

We also have agile ways of adapting to our needs with mobile units. I’ll cover that in a separate post soon to shed light on how we plan to stay flexible in tactically applying mining capacity and resilient in face of any force majeure.

Dividend payout

Our facilities are coming together and November 1st becomes our first dividend payout event. Congratulations to shareholders for making the right choice!

When we are done putting our past round to work, we will announce the details of our next round for further expansion. One thing we can promise you is Elite Mining never stops until there’s no room to grow. And then we find the next room.

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